Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most.

What are the benefits of right brain education?

Your left brain is more logical, analytical and sequential and operates slower compared with your right brain which can give you the capability of speed reading, learning, higher IQ, the ability to master multiple languages, greater concentration and focus as well as the ability to achieve excellence in music and sports. Right Brain students have high levels of intuition and emotional intelligence and excel in problem-solving. They also possess photographic and linking memory skills and creative genius.

My Child is only 3, why is it important to start right brain training early?

Younger minds are like sponges and tend to absorb everything that they learn, so in their foundation years their learning possibilities endless. Right Brain training allows children as well as babies to build a large library of information in their subconscious mind that they retain for their whole lives. Our ability to learn decreases and if your child doesn’t learn how to use their whole brain during that rapid rate of learning decreases and your child’s innate right brain abilities becomes dormant beyond the age of six. Furthermore, since most modern primary and high school education programs favour left brain learning styles your child’s left brain development gains momentum.

What age is Right Brain Education suitable for?

Heguru Right Brain Education programs are specially designed for your new-born and up to 6 years of age. All young children can learn better and faster after following the program.

What is the Heguru Program?

Originated from Japan, Heguru is a holistic enrichment program that seeks to stimulate the right brain. Classes are conducted at fast pace, using images, visuals, music and songs, with the objective of maximizing the right brain capabilities, which is otherwise untapped in mainstream nurseries and schools.

Is the Heguru Program approved?

Yes, Heguru Right Brain Education is approved and licensed by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai.

How does the program benefit the child?

The brain is like a muscle and the more you exercise, the stronger it gets. Regular right brain training will enable a child to form much more neuro connections within the right brain as compared to children who do not attend right brain training. These extra neuro connections will increase the capacity of the brain as well as increase the speed at which children can absorb information and form linkages to solve problems. That explains why a right brain trained child is usually able to concentrate better, focus for longer periods of time and possess superior comprehension ability. They will also be able to articulate their thoughts better and will be more confident. With all these valuable skills they have developed, they are able to absorb concepts faster and that would lessen the time they would need to spend on studying and attain school-life balance.

What are some of the techniques which are used in this program?

Right Brain education in the classroom, is fun and stimulating for babies and children. Our sessions are filled with fast paced playful activities, that capture their attention enhancing one or more brain functions. These activities are imagery and sensory play, memory play and speed Play which involves math, vocabulary and reading. Because children have a natural love of music, musical and dance figure highly and aid a child’s self-expression. Visual Stimulation and Left Brain games such as Tangram puzzles and flash cards are a key right brain tool which aids problem-solving.

Will my child learn?

Yes, absolutely with time, patience, persistence and positive attitude, your child will learn better and faster and will have a love of learning that will last a lifetime. The more exposure to the program, the more he/she will learn.

What is photographic memory and why does my child need photographic memory?

Simply put, photographic memory is the ability of the brain to find, extract and store information in the form of photographs. Linking images to information has long been the clever trick used to recall information and is what magician use. Because todays education demands that we remember large amounts of information, especially for exam purposes possessing photographic memory will greatly enhance a child’s ability to recall all that he or she has learnt and retain that knowledge for a lifetime.

What is the program schedule like?

Our classes typically last from 60 to 90 minutes per the age of the students. Our classes fit in well and are compliment with children in nursery, home school or kindergarten programs. Busy parents will also find our program extremely convenient.


Students, along with a parent are required to attend the lesson, once a week for approximately 1 hour. At Heguru Dubai, we believe in and strongly advocate parent child bonding which benefits the child's brain development and parent/ child relationship. By attending the class with your child, we hope to provide a platform for parents to see the potential in their child, and also to appreciate learning in a non-conventional way. Class are scheduled from Thursday to Sunday, catering to the needs of working parents.

How different and qualified are your Teachers?

Aside from holding relevant degrees, all of our teachers will undergo intensive license training in Japan (personally trained and certified by Ruiko Henmi, founder of Heguru program) and continuous In-House training to keep their skills updated.

What is the student : teacher ratio?

Lessons are conducted by a lead teacher, and assisted by a teacher assistant. At maximum, each class can accommodate up to 6 students. This small class size allows both the teacher and teacher assistant to closely monitor the progression of each child in the fast pace environment.

How soon will I be able to see the effectiveness of this program?

Every child has different talents: some see results right away; some take more time. However, generally parents notice results almost immediately. Whole brain education is also a way of parenting and with your support continuing the right brain activities at home with your child is immensely beneficial reinforcing what they have learned in the classroom. As such the role of parents is critical to the effectiveness of the program. With regular sessions, at least once per week) and consistent practice at home you can expect to see results very quickly and the confidence of your child soar. With your support, as well, you will be able to observe positive changes in your child in and around 3 to 6 months of beginning this program.

What evaluation mechanism is there for this program?

Fundamentally whole brain education has an emphasis on promoting emotional intelligence within student groups rather than encouraging competition. Because we like to bring out the individuality of each child so that their confidence and unique abilities flourish. We observe how the individual child is transforming as they gradually experience our unique programs. Heguru maintains performance and development records for each child and gives feedback to parents on a quarterly basis or as often as the parents require. Heguru welcomes parent engagement and our teachers are available to meet with parents at any time outside of class timings.

How successful is the right brain method of education?

Right Brain education is new to Dubai, but Heguru Right Brain Education comes to the UAE as a tried and tested formula after 30 years of global education excellence. Heguru is now being taught all over the world, from Australia to Singapore and Japan, Europe and The Middle East. Heguru is an award winning educational programme and is KHDA approved.

How can I get more information?

Simply email us here or give us a call to find out more information on Heguru Right Brain educational programs.

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