About Heguru

The Secret to unlocking your child’s potential

We understand you have a vision for your child;
Heguru has the way to get your child there.


The Heguru method is a Japanese Brain Training program which is considered an enrichment program. It was developed by Mrs Ruiko Henmi & Mr Hirotada Henmi. Heguru currently stands with over 30 years of extensive research and development stemming from their Henmi Educational General Laboratory.
At its core, Heguru combines the power of both brain hemispheres- right and the left. It is a collaborative program with parents to bring out the hidden potential of young children.
Heguru’s methodology focuses on building an efficient learning system from a young age. This is due to the growing nature of the brain in the formative years. The first few years of a child’s life are the most crucial because the brain’s absorbency is the highest at this stage.
If children's abilities are successfully developed to the highest level, they acquire life-long learning adaptability.

Our program unlocks these skills in essence for children:
• Memory ability
• High-speed processing system
• Photographic memory
• Image visualization ability
• Comprehension ability
• Creativity power
• Super concentration mode
• Speed reading ability
• Learning endurance

With all these skills, children learn things more quickly and effortlessly. Our Heguru students carry these abilities and excel in various areas which includes academics, arts, sports and many more!

Heguru, Dubai