Pre-Natal Program

We will guide you to open your right brain pathways


Heart Connection
When the mother’s heart connects with the baby’s heart a blissful bond forms. Through research and practice, it is found that the foundation for a strong connection is formed during the prenatal stage. Children tend to be more connected, happy and calm if they have experienced prenatal training.

The Prenatal Kit
This course equips mothers with prenatal exercises, right brain visualization techniques, communication with foetal, beneficial practices and lifestyle tips. This is the stage where we begin opening the right brain abilities for both mother and child. Heguru will guide mothers to achieve heightened sensitivity and awareness, revealing the true joy of pregnancy.

Objective: Connecting the heart of mother and baby to influence a positively charged pregnancy. Activation of the right brain abilities to create a joyous pregnancy journey.

Heguru, Dubai

It Takes Two

We require a certain amount of commitment on the part of parents to participate in the programme as well so that they can be able to continue course related activities with their children at home every day. Brain training is a continuous process that requires continuous attention and monitoring by parents. We suggest that just 30 minutes a day of practice is all that will be required to support your child and is well within the ability of any busy parent.

Pre-Natal Program

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Parents, it takes two