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The Foundation Years

Early childhood is a critical period in the human development cycle, marked by rapid transformations in physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development. Significant and critical brain development occurs, especially during the first three years of life and what happens in the early years sets trajectories in health, learning and behaviour that can last a lifetime.

Heguru provides a nurturing environment that meets acceptable qualitative and quantitative requirements for childcare settings in Dubai. Heguru cares about providing a safe and healthy environment that fosters children’s physical, intellectual, psychological, social and emotional development.

Heguru, Dubai

What is Right Brain Education

Right Brain Education is a unique learning program designed to help young children utilise both sides of the brain — the logical left brain and the creative right brain. When both sides of the brain are used, true genius and intelligence — both intellectual and emotional — can shine.
The teaching methodologies and tools used in right brain education significantly improve focus, boost creativity, instil problem-solving capability and photographic memory. Concentration skills are enhanced increasing a child’s ability to learn at an accelerated pace, while boosting emotional intelligence and confidence. Ultimately, a child fosters a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Right brain education is a new paradigm in education.

Heguru, Dubai

Right Brain v Left Brain

An important aspect in understanding learning styles is to understand brain functioning. Both sides of the brain can reason, but by different strategies, one side of the brain may be dominant. While the idea that we are either right or left-brain dominant is nothing new, the ability to learn how to use your whole brain, not just left or right, is widely overlooked. The left brain, often referred to as the linguistic brain, controls reading, writing, calculation, and logical thinking. While the right brain, referred to as the imagery brain, controls our three-dimensional sense, creativity, and artistic senses. Children learn and think in different ways.

The Process

Right brain education is suitable for all children, babies and toddlers up to age 6 years. At Heguru Centre Dubai, children are given an initial assessment to determine which cognitive skills need to be developed and their success being measured throughout. An assessment is given at the end of the programme to measure the progress the child has made. Parents are actively encouraged to join in participating in classes enables parents to continue the learning development with their child at home. Parents can register their child at any time, choosing from a range of convenient classes that will complement existing curricular, nursery, kindergarten or home schooling.

The Left Brain World

“Today’s education seems to be about cramming children’s brains full of information with schools generally favouring left-brain modes of thinking. Children won’t learn to use their whole brain in nursery, primary or high school. At Heguru, we understand that children learn in different ways, learn easier, and have more focus and sharp recall when they are able to utilize their whole brain. What they learn in just a few classes per month is enough to unlock a child’s true potential and will be the greatest start that you can give your child. Heguru enrichment centre Dubai offers a supportive and stimulating environment that encourages the development of the whole brain, curiosity, creativity and imagination”.
Wilson Lee, Founding Principal Heguru Dubai.

Program Highlights

Nurturing and nourishing the right brain involves several activities that stimulate the brain through a number memory and problem-solving activities. Classes typically last for 50 to 70 minutes according to the age of the group, classes are conveniently designed to fit in with your child’s curricular and nursery schedule. Heguru provides children a great learning environment where they are free to be imaginative, responsive and expressive.


Puzzle Activities

In right brain education, children are encouraged to do lots of puzzle activities designed to stimulate creativity, develop fine motor skills, logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills all critical life skills.


Music to stimulate the Right Brain

Children naturally love music so it’s no surprise that engaging with music is another way to enhance right brain development.


Tangram Cards and Puzzle’s

Tangram puzzles stimulate the brain’s memory and focus. There is no limit to this activity which truly stimulates the right brains creativity and problem-solving skills.



We use music and the play of drums to introduce children to the beat and rhythm of music. This is a fun way for children to express individuality, creativity and self-expression. The experience develops self confidence in the most fun way.


Memory Stimuli

Peg and Linking Memory facilitates the memorisation of a list of things. It works by linking one object in the list with another, then the other object is linked to another, and so on, until all the items in the list are linked together.


Eye Exercises

Strengthen the ability to focus, stimulate brain development, accelerate memory retrieval, integrates the right and left hemispheres of the brain and heightens sensitivity. They also improve eyeball movement, widens the field of vision and improve the absorption of information, promoting a photographic memory while stimulating all the senses.



Teaching materials such as puzzles which include numbers and maths problems are presented for problem-solving skills to enhance math and problem solving-skills.

Conventional education methods are about giving information to children and expecting them to learn it. However, Heguru prefers to focus on helping children to develop how they absorb the information they are learning so that they unlock the key to learning. Nurturing the right side of the brain from an early age is vital to help children use their full brain function to their best ability. This right brain activity is all about nurturing and nourishing the right brain and involves several activities that stimulate the brain through memory and problem-solving activities. Heguru provides a great learning environment where children are free to be imaginative, responsive and expressive.


“ brighter and more engaged”
“When my son was in pre-school, I was really frustrated because they couldn’t teach my son. After being told for the second time that he was not meeting their expectations I worried that he couldn’t keep pace and wouldn’t be ready for big school. I wasn’t offered any support by the school and I didn’t know where to turn. After doing some research, I came across the Heguru concept. After only a few short classes, we noticed that he was becoming brighter and was more engaged. I started with zero knowledge on right brain learning, but as we were attending classes, I found that I also benefited as a parent by being with him in class, and using the same learning tools at home. I began to appreciate and embrace a new way to bring up my little boy. Ben went to big school and has never been happier, he never stops learning… it’s amazing! Thank you to the Heguru team for opening up a whole new world and making learning fun and joyous for Ben.”
Janice Johns, England.